The brain waves power


Take a habitual simple example, when you go to bed and read for a few minutes before attempting sleep, you are likely to be in low beta. When you put the book down, turn off the lights and close your eyes, your brain wave will decrease from beta, to alpha, you begin to daydream or recall your activities at the day, then flow to theta, you contemplate of some better activities will happen for the next day. Finally, when you fall asleep, it goes down to delta. You are in a deep dreamless sleep!

Your brain waves activities always change depending on what you do. Research has shown that although one brain wave may predominate at one time, the remaining three are present in the mix of brain waves at all time. In other words, while you are in beta brain wave pattern, there also exist in your brain the component of alpha, theta and delta, even though these may present only at the trace level. Therefore, try to practise using your amazing and fantastic brain waves so that you can feel the ‘unlimited power’!>>selanjutnya


Be creative : Let's move together guys!


Everyone is creative. It is only about how you develop your own creativity potential. What you need to do is unlearn, learn, and relearn through creative activities. But, why we need to be creative?

Joy and happiness

We are most creative during our childhood, playing and enjoying, yet it changes when we get ageing. What should we do is we must continue grow, feeling more alive and leading more meaningful life.

Survival and progressive

Creativity is proved to be a critical element in survival. You can manipulate things around you and use them wisely. By being creative, you become more matured and self reliant.

 Wealth creation

Knowledge is accessible to everyone now, in the era of K-economy. Wealth creation is about how we add value to our knowledge through our creativity. It is not about the cost of materials, but it is about the ideas.

 It is in Islam (Ijtihad)

Islam and creativity is not separated, but only differ in term so its applicability from time to time. That is why Al-Quran must be regard as guidance of humankind, but it is only the matter of not using it to the full.>>selanjutnya