Be creative : Let's move together guys!

By: Filzah

THE BIGGEST STAR...students try hard in order to be creative


Everyone is creative. It is only about how you develop your own creativity potential. What you need to do is unlearn, learn, and relearn through creative activities. But, why we need to be creative?

Joy and happiness

We are most creative during our childhood, playing and enjoying, yet it changes when we get ageing. What should we do is we must continue grow, feeling more alive and leading more meaningful life.

Survival and progressive

Creativity is proved to be a critical element in survival. You can manipulate things around you and use them wisely. By being creative, you become more matured and self reliant.

 Wealth creation

Knowledge is accessible to everyone now, in the era of K-economy. Wealth creation is about how we add value to our knowledge through our creativity. It is not about the cost of materials, but it is about the ideas.

 It is in Islam (Ijtihad)

Islam and creativity is not separated, but only differ in term so its applicability from time to time. That is why Al-Quran must be regard as guidance of humankind, but it is only the matter of not using it to the full.

What is creativity tough?

Creative is a habit, produced through activities that need instructions and thinking is required in order to understand the game. Nevertheless, there are habits that hinder your thinking which can victimise you to some extent.

It’s always me!

“I’m the best! You’re loser!” This habit does not go away easily even we are adults. We tend to regard our presents and brilliant ideas, values and groups as superior. “I’m the best and always me”  is phrase that you must destroy in your mind because to be a good thinker you must keep your ego at bay!


“It’s not my fault! It came from you!” Have you ever say that phrase? In psychology they called it defense mechanism and Ruggerio called it ‘Face Saving’. Both situations are near to be egoistic. Just admit your fault.  As wise man says “Say the truth, even it is hard tough!” 


Is your attitude same for the whole semester in USIM? If yes, you must leave that bad attitude. You might feel uncomfortable, and it is good to feel uncomfortable sometimes. The important thing is to set your minds against your own best.


It is not about being different but it is about different! You will annoy those people around you if you being different! Conformity is about to avoid the risk of be different! Once we begin to conform, we must move on even they might make you annoy. To be a good thinker, you must think yourselves, and do not worry whatever they say.


Have you ever heard “Muslim is terrorist?” The western is stereotyping us. They are fixed, unbending generalization, irrationally maintained towards us. We know that is not true in our side and we must prove that we are not terrorist. Good thinkers are able to avoid stereotype as it will distort their view of reality.

Others are fault

Sometimes you like to blame your friend because of carelessness that actually come from you. You did not attend the class, did not do the assignments, ignored all advices, and yet you accused your friend for not reminding you. To be a good thinker you must be able to be honest with yourselves.

Therefore, USIM students must avoid thinking your opinion that pleases you, and then believe in it. You should examine your first impression of problems and issues, and weighing up with evidence and force yourselves to be objective. And that is where we partly fulfill our nature as human being as Allah has created us as the best creation!

Summarised from: Mohd Azmir Mohd Nizah, Lecturer of General Studies Centre, USIM, Article: You Are Creative.