The brain waves power

By: Adilah Farhah

BRAIN...the most amazing powerful organ


How do you feel today? Feeling tired, scared, nervous or confused? For your information, that feelings come from your brain waves frequencies. What is brain wave? Have you ever heard about this before?

It is a fact that the knowledge of brain wave enhances a person’s ability to make use of the specialised characteristics of being mentally productive, such as being intensely focused, relaxed, creative, and in restful sleep. As a student, you need to know how to deal with your brain waves in terms of being a successful human being.

Your brain is an electrochemical organ; researchers have speculated that a fully functioning brain can generate as much as 10 watts of electrical power, which means there are electrical activities generating your brain, and they are displayed in the form of brain waves. There are four categories of these brain waves, ranging from the most activity to the least activity.

Beta wave(β)

When your brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves. These waves are of relatively low amplitude, and are the fastest of the four different brain waves. They are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind. A person in active conversation would be in beta. A debater would be in high beta. A person on a speech, or a teacher, or a talk show host would all be in beta when they are engaged in their work. However, you cannot absorb thing very well because at this level your thoughts are actively logical, analytical and critical. That is why you always answer wrongly in the examination. Beta waves can make you feel depressed, confused, bad-tempered and disappointed.

Alpha wave(α)

Secondly is alpha.

Alpha wave(α)

Secondly is alpha. Where beta represents arousal, alpha represents non-arousal. Alpha brain wave is slower and higher in amplitude. A person who has completed a task and sits down to rest then begins to daydream is often in alpha. A person who takes time out to reflect or meditate is usually in alpha. A person who takes a break from a conference and walks in the garden is often in alpha.  

Alpha usually happens by your subconscious mind. At this level, you will have an extra sense, called ‘extra sensory perception’ which you can feel by your strong feeling and instinct. You are in good condition, relax and calm. Besides that, you can program your mind with positive matters which finally produce great and brilliant ideas. For example, artists always do daydreaming and take action by making great masterpiece.

Theta wave(θ)

The next state, theta brain wave is typically of even greater amplitude and slower frequency. Individuals who do a lot of freeway driving often get good ideas during those periods when they are in theta. Individuals who run outdoors often are in the state of mental relaxation that is slower than alpha and when in theta, they are prone to get a flow of ideas. This can also occur in the shower or tub or even while shaving or brushing your hair. It is a state where tasks become so automatic that you can mentally disengage from them. The idea that can take place during the theta state is often free flow and occurs without censorship or guilt. It is typically a very positive mental state. We also can say that Muslim who performs sholat is often in alpha, but sometimes in theta if he performs calmly and sincerely.

Delta wave(δ)

The fourth is delta. This brainwave is the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency. It never goes down to zero because that would mean you are brain dead. It can be a deep dreamless sleep which would take you down to the lowest frequency.

Take a habitual simple example, when you go to bed and read for a few minutes before attempting sleep, you are likely to be in low beta. When you put the book down, turn off the lights and close your eyes, your brain wave will decrease from beta, to alpha, you begin to daydream or recall your activities at the day, then flow to theta, you contemplate of some better activities will happen for the next day. Finally, when you fall asleep, it goes down to delta. You are in a deep dreamless sleep!

Your brain waves activities always change depending on what you do. Research has shown that although one brain wave may predominate at one time, the remaining three are present in the mix of brain waves at all time. In other words, while you are in beta brain wave pattern, there also exist in your brain the component of alpha, theta and delta, even though these may present only at the trace level. Therefore, try to practise using your amazing and fantastic brain waves so that you can feel the ‘unlimited power’!




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